Thursday, December 8, 2011


Most of our gifts are under the tree, but we're still working on a few...  Here's something to think about:  the other day I was making a purchase at Gap, and I asked for a box.  The manager told me that in an effort to be green (or save money!), Gap wasn't giving boxes this year.  We conversed about what would happen if all companies stopped giving boxes, if in fact there were no more boxes?!?  And paper!  No more wrapping paper?  I'm all about re-useable canvas bags, but what would Christmas morning be without wrapping paper!?!?!?
We made some of these ornaments from here, and used them as package toppers!  They are super easy, but be warned that they do take some time!  I have been making them at night while my husband reads to our family.
Inspired by the window displays at Gap (even if they did rain on my wrapping paper parade!), I grabbed some leftover yarn and made these cute pom pom toppers for some of the packages.  I have been making pom poms since my days in Camp Fire - we used them as tassels on friendship sticks at camp...
No need for a gadget - just wrap the yarn around your fingers until you reach a thickness you think will probably be a full enough pom pom,
tie the bundle around the center with a knot (I just tied mine right to my package), 
and cut through the yarn on both sides.  All you will need to do is fluff it a little and trim any pieces that might be a little longer.  Too fun!!!

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