Sunday, December 11, 2011

Busy Weekend!!!

At the beginning of December, I filled in the calendar and then showed my husband.  There was one weekend "open," with nothing expected of us...  No parties to host or attend, no rehearsals, etc.  Well, that weekend filled itself up just beautifully!  Friday worked itself out to be errand day for me to finish up Christmas whatnot, followed by dinner at our house with my husband's parents (they brought pizza)!  Saturday we ended up hosting grandparents, a cousin in from out of town and his family, and my husband's parents again (they say they aren't tired of us yet!), and then it was two directions for girls and boys - a college basketball game, and time at the museum.  We ended the day having dinner with grandparents, followed by dessert with friends.  At the end of the day, my husband said "I feel like we did all the right things today - everything we were supposed to do."  I agree.  It was delightful.

I love brunch.  It's such a fun meal, to pull out all the big breakfast recipes, use the special juice glasses, and when does it ever actually happen that there's not some special guest there to share it with you?
Here's one dish I made - baked pear vanilla french toast.  My friend in Colorado made this for us when we visited this summer, so I emailed her for the recipe.  She sent me to this fun blog.  It's a great do-ahead recipe!  
A great morning of catching up, meeting new babies, playing checkers...

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