Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I have been looking forward to this day for a LONG time!!!  The alarm clock will not go off tomorrow, and although there is a bit of busyness with grocery shopping and lunch dates, etc. these things are just not the same when we are on break.  Plus, due to an appointment in the afternoon, I almost have a guaranteed visit alone to my favorite paper store, and who could ask for anything more, really?!?
Over at simplemittens, my sister-in-law is lamenting the fact that she can't share all her handmade Christmas gifts, since the people who will receive them read her blog!  The same is true here, so let's just say that I spent all of yesterday afternoon sewing, all evening knitting, and there will be more of that today!
Today I helped with my oldest daughter's class Christmas party, where we made these darling hangings, and I forgot to take any pictures!!!
Well, here's some other things we've been doing...
 More gingerbread houses...

 Party favors for our staff Christmas party...

 What d'ya think of this fabulous cake stand I got my dad to make for me?!?!

A weeks worth of baking for our "coffee and dessert" party!

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