Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Handmade Invitations

Our youngest has a birthday in about a week.  If you'll think with me, this is very soon after Christmas!  I try my best to plan ahead, be on top of this, and put everything into her special day...then reality happens, and well, it's Christmas!  I have a couple tricks to pull this birthday party thing off, one of which is actually setting the date and time for the party, and then letting our friends and family know this information, and that they may receive an invitation soon.  Hopefully.
Tonight I finished up the envelopes, so mailing everything tomorrow will not be a problem.  I love handmade invitations.  Yes, pre-made from the stationary store can be fabulous, but there's something about choosing the font and formatting, and printing, and then deciding on that perfect envelope...I just love it all.
I decided on plain dark pink paper for the invitation itself, and then I found this darling paper at my favorite paper store, The Paper Crown, and decided it had to be the envelope...
 I looked through my box of stationary and found an envelope the invitation would fit in, then I carefully opened it all the way up to a flat piece of paper...

 traced around it and cut it out,

then  I carefully folded in the flaps and glued the edges down, 

and woohoo!  Don't you wish one of these darlings was arriving in your mailbox?!?!

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