Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Feast Day of Saint Nicholas!

My husband read our family the story of St. Nicholas last night, and of course our children wanted to put their shoes outside the door to see if they would be full of treats when they woke up this morning.  We decided to carry out the tradition in a new way - we have a dear friend who used to be our neighbor, who we decided might like a shoe full of goodies on her porch!  We used some of the cookies made yesterday, and a couple of candy canes leftover from our gingerbread house party, found a shoe which no longer fit, and put together a little Christmas surprise!  After a breakfast of pancake men, the kids made an early morning delivery run on the way to school this morning!  
Our oldest is reading Little House on the Prairie in literature studies right now, and since these molds came out with my Christmas decorations (a gift from my mom a couple years ago), I decided what better way to recognize a feast day such as this?!?!  I'm just like Ma Ingalls on Christmas morning!!!
Do not be fooled - this one is not about to lose his head, he's merely doing a feast day dance!
I know, I know.  St. Nick left his gifts in secret...  Well, I wrote a note telling Miss Patty why in the world there was a boot sitting on her porch with cookies sticking out of it, and who left it there.  Wouldn't you want to know?  Really.
Early morning delivery!!!

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