Wednesday, January 18, 2012


So I have been cleaning out closets and dressers and cupboards like someone gone mad!  After the hubbub of holidays, everything was...a disaster!  And there was no help from anyone, since in order to put something away in the place where it belongs, it has to first have a place where it belongs!  The Christmas goodies have now all found their place in our home, I am happy to say.
In my cleaning and organizing, I found several thank you notes from past events that never got sent!  Oops!!!  I'm pretty sure I found birthday thank-yous from several birthdays ago...of course this is my fault - I don't keep postage in the house, and then I get stuck with "I'll send it as soon as I stop at the post office..."  Well, this Christmas is not going by without the thank you notes being sent.  They are made, written, and in the car ready to stop with me on the way home from school pick-up.  This WILL happen!!!

I chose one of our funniest pics from Christmas (everyone already received a perfectly posed family pic on their Christmas card!), and cut construction paper a little smaller than the 4x6 print, then my daughter and I used a glue stick to paste the paper on the back of the picture.
I wrote my message as if this was a postcard - only on one side of the rectangle, with the address on the other.  

WooHoo!  Another reason to use my handy laminator I got for Christmas!  This protects the message and the pic, and also makes the postcard firm, because once you use glue on a photo, it wants to curl.

Yay!  Ready to be sent!!!  (Little Girl's birthday thank-you notes are in there too!)

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