Monday, January 2, 2012

Little Birthday Party!

Today was not the actual birthday, which is a little confusing for a three year old, I admit.  I think she had a fun time anyway though!
 First, cupcakes and sparkling grape juice.  Little Girl came in the kitchen while I was opening the bottle this morning, and said "you're letting us have wine?"  Not quite.  ;)

 While the girls ate their cupcakes, I read How Raggedy Ann Got Her Candy Heart, which is one of our favorite books.  At Marcella's tea party for her dolls, they drink lemonade colored with grape jam to make it a "lovely lavender color," which is something I feel might be more fun to read about than to actually drink.  Every time I read that, I wonder how it tastes and come to the conclusion that it cannot taste very good.  I'm probably very wrong though, and we should try it sometime...
 Then we did a quick craft table cloth switch-a-roo, and got out the paper cutouts and glue sticks.  The girls made 1,2,3 placemats to play with play dough on.  I sent my husband on a search around town for clear contact paper, which is not as easy to find as one might think!   He finally found it at Ace Hardware, and the mats came out pretty cute, if I do say so...

I found this recipe, for great home-made play dough!  It was super fun to make, and so easy! I loved watching it form into a ball all on it's own in the pot, and it is so squishy.  Yes, I am easily amused...  So these were not only an activity at the party, but also the party favor - a too cute place mat and play dough to take home.  I made two batches for our party of 6 girls.

Happy birthday, almost Three Year Old!!!!

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