Monday, January 16, 2012

Egg Rolls!

Last week, I made my own egg rolls!  I had never done this before, but I had a coupon for "egg roll wrappers," which I thought I would find in the frozen foods section of Whole Foods - you know, like it was just a fancy way of saying egg rolls.  Well, I finally found them, and guess what the package contained?  Egg roll wrappers.  Go figure!  I was not deterred.  I just grabbed a head of cabbage, and took those wrappers home to figure out how to make my own egg rolls. I found a recipe online, and tweaked it a bit.  Okay, I tweaked it kind of a lot.  Here it is:

 Cook 1# ground pork with 1t ginger and 1t garlic powder, until no longer pink (I usually continue cooking until it is starting to really brown well), and drain.
Shred 1 head red cabbage and about 4 large carrots (I used a cheese grater with large holes)
Mix together.

 Then just lay out the wrapper (mine were Nasoya Tofu wrappers) and fill with about 1/3 cup of the filling,

and fold it up to look like an egg roll!  I sealed the last corner down with a paste of flour and water, which worked great!
There were instructions on the wrapper package for baking or frying, so I decided to go the less messy and less oil-using route, and bake them.  In my mind, I took a picture of them all lined up neatly on the cookie sheets - about 20 of them I think there were - and then another picture of them baked and nicely golden brown on the serving platter...  Apparently those pictures were only in my mind!  But there were NO leftovers.  They were a huge hit!!!  We ate them with rice and some sauteed vegetables.
The only thing I would do differently next time, is maybe go with about 3/4 of the head of cabbage, instead of the whole thing.    

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